Teachers’ Teambuilding Day at Spirit of Adventure

Sometimes, all we need is some fun and leadership input to reignite our passion and remind us why we started the work we do.

On Friday, 7 May, the teachers from Kwacutshwayo Primary School were blessed by partners of The Whole Child to a day of team building and fellowship at Spirit of Adventure. 

Due to the challenging nature of the 2020 school year, including the uncertain start to 2021, teachers all across our nation have suffered immensely from the pressure to continue teaching amid very difficult conditions. Teachers have entered 2021 not feeling like they had a relaxing summer holiday and faced uncertainty on their arrival back at school as to whether they would even have their students return.

After some brief conversations to find a way to bring unity, motivation and energy back into the school’s team of teachers, a day was organised to visit Spirit of Adventure, located at the Shongweni Dam. This world-class campsite and teambuilding facility, alongside passionate instructors who care about those taking part in their programmes, blew fresh wind into the sails of our teachers and readied them for the next half of the year. They engaged in many team activities that tested their mental and physical abilities, but most importantly, brought them closer together and retaught them the value of teamwork amid a challenge.

Upon our arrival to enjoy lunch with the teachers and observe their raft building activity, Thami Nzuza, the principal of Kwacutshwayo Primary School, remarked that this day was just what they all needed and that they were very grateful for the opportunity to take a breather and spend the day together. 

This teambuilding day was funded by the schools very own Community Thrift Shop, established by the teachers themselves to supply quality second-hand clothes to the community and to fund initiatives like this teambuilding day. We’ve been so encouraged to see this Thrift Shop supported by the community, and are amazed at the impact it has had by being able to fund the teachers’ teambuilding day.

A special round of thanks also goes to Spirit of Adventure for their financial discount and exception leadership in facilitating this teambuilding day. Without their involvement, this would not have been the day our teachers needed.

Check out some of the photos from the day! 

Written by Jesse Greaves

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