Meet SBS Tanks

Within the Pinetown area lies a gem of a company, led by a man with a Vision “Build For Better”

All staff are drawn from the community in the surrounding area and the plan is to continue into the future.

Their business is water storage and they identified the need to build the water storage of Kwa Cutshwayo Primary School, which lies in the Mariannridge area. The school was built 60 years ago by the community of Monks at the Mariannhill Monastery.

They certainly built structures to last, but 60 years’ later, much maintenance is required. Particularly water storage.

Hence SBS Tanks will be donating a 200kl prototype Tower Tank, to be installed at the Kwa Cutshwayo School, with handover expected the end of September, giving growth to supply all their needs, one of which is to grow a self-sustaining vegetable garden.  

The prototype 200kl Tower Tank sponsored by SBS Tanks

All staff are committed to work for this community and the Vision of the man who leads them.  He believes this gives them something they can believe in, as they’re part of the whole project, also drawing in the community itself, to commit.

Not only the Tower Tank project but additional projects, such as the school’s Thrift Shop, to which the staff donate.But that’s not all . . . you have to know that the entire staff will be giving 67 minutes on Mandela Day to work through maintenance required at the school!

Delayne Gray (Left) – Managing Director of SBS Tanks

Delayne Gray believes that to involve your staff, you need to motivate them. They must feel part of a team, engendering pride in themselves and their company, because they’ve been included and have been involved as one.

He is extremely proud of his team of staff – Proudly SBS who “Do What You Can, With What You Have”

The prototype which will be installed is a wholly Pinetown design with Engineering collaborative.  This man puts into action what he says! He wants to put SBS community DNA into the Brand, and become known as “SBS, BUILD FOR BETTER” impacting into the community.

What a Vision! What a commitment!  What a Team!

What a difference it would make to our Country, if more business became involved, following similar Vision. I see a light on the horizon . . . watch this space!

Written by Cynthia Petzer

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