Environmental Education Program Awards

Teachers at Kwacutshwayo Primary School recently collected their awards from the 2019-2020 School Environmental Education Program (SEEP). SEEP is an initiative of the KwaZulu-Natal provincial department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) which is aimed at educating and up-skilling teachers and children from schools in the province in the knowledge of the natural environment and culture. 

Seeing the value of participating in the program for the teachers and children, the school led decided to participate in this program and then to go on to win it! The received awards highlight the school’s commitment to practice what they learnt and to demonstrate their ability to make a change in a prevailing culture that mostly disregards the natural environment.

The school is proud to have won this program and are excited to have the opportunity to teach other schools what they have learnt to lead the way in nurturing the natural environment and passing on those values to the children that they teach. 

From us at The Whole Child, we believe that programs like these are critical to the growth of a whole child. Children who grow up with a sense of stewardship for the natural environment can make careful decisions regarding the future of our planet and the future their children will inherit. We honour the teachers who saw this program as one worth investing their time and effort into, and we desire to see more participation from the surrounding community in the years to come.

Well done, Kwacutshwayo Primary School!

Written by Jesse Greaves

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