About us

Our Story

A collective of Christians, called City Story, committed to socio-economic transformation in the city of Durban, met during 2018 to assess Durban’s educational landscape. Consensus was reached about the overarching need to develop the whole child. This requires schools to integrate programs that address physical and mental health, nutrition, literacy, entrepreneurship development, career guidance, spiritual instructions and others.

We recognised the proliferation of NGOs over the past 20 years which arose to address these needs. The convergence of the need and the supply produced The Whole Child vision. Schools where the principals were alumni of Partners for Possibility leadership program, demonstrated social cohesion and a sustainable and reciprocal approach to partnerships.

Thami Nzuza, Lauren Coombe and Ian Bell teamed up to form the board of TWC and launched the pilot project at Kwa Cutshwayo Primary School.

Our Vision

The Whole Child is committed to rebuilding education from within schools and the surrounding community. We believe that quality education, is about more than learning. It is about developing the whole child. And ultimately, it’s about building people and a nation.

We believe that building trusting relationships between the school and multiple stakeholders is essential for success. These partners include teachers, parents, SGB, government, surrounding community, local churches, NGOs and business. They collectively bring to the school curriculum and campus, further facets of holistic education. In addition, they enable under-resourced schools, to access and raise the capital needed to dovetail the facilities with The Whole Child vision.

Our Team

Thami Nzuza


Kwa Cutshwayo Primary
Dip in Educ (WITS), B. Educ (Hon) (University of Pretoria)

Lauren Coombe


The 2020 Vision Foundation
CA (SA) M. Taxation

Ian Bell

Managing Director

Paton Taylor Architects
Bachelor of Architecure (B. Arch)

Advisory Committee

Lindo Khoza

Social Engagement Facilitator

LindBong Developments

Thobi Zondi


Program Co-ordinator
- Strong Family Foundation